Backend Developer (Php) - Global AI Hub.

Backend Developer (Php) – Global AI Hub

Backend Developer (Php)

Global AI Hub, Backend Developer (Php) arıyor.

Skills & Requirements

-3+ years experience with PHP
-2+ years experience with front-end Javascript and jQuery
-Up-to-date knowledge of modern HTML, CSS and JS
-Experience building and interfacing with RESTful APIs
-Strong personal and communication skills
-Experience with MySQL and Git
-Experience with writing tests
-Additional nice-to-haves: Amazon AWS/RDS

Global AI Hub Hakkında

Global AI Hub is a Swiss-based leading global AI community for everyone with an interest in AI. We are aiming to connect different AI areas of interest in an interdisciplinary way and gather up people who are working on AI all around the world on our unique online platform. Global AI Hub is in collaboration with top tech companies to offer free AI education and mentorship for individuals to get ready for the upcoming AI age. The most significant role that Global AI Hub plays in both local and international areas is offering job opportunities to AI talents by making connections with powerful corporations which are the pioneers in Europe and the other continents. Thus, we offer human resources consultancy to global corporations as well as providing job opportunities to the AI talents.

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