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IT Sector In Our Country

While the number of companies in the field of informatics in our country was 952 in 2012, it increased more than 5 times and reached 5405 in 2018.There are 139,000 [Tubisad 2019 report] people employed in these companies. 106 thousand of them work in the field of information technologies and 33 thousand of them work in the field of communication technologies. However, there are around 50 thousand labor shortages. If we consider the graduates of universities annually, this figure increases by 10 thousand people every year.

IT Sector In The World

There are 630 thousand companies operating in the field of IT and software in the world. Of these, 525 thousand are located in the United States. The number of employees working in these companies reaches 21 million. Given the annual growth rate, it is foreseen to reach 27.7 million in 2023.

Our Potential as IT Staff

We currently have 40,000+ followers on our social media accounts. Considering our monthly follower increase, we anticipate that our followers will be 100.000 at the end of 2020. This number in Turkey is approximately 77% rate of human resources working in the IT sector. We, as the “IT Staff”, want to publish job postings of companies in the IT sector and ensure that job seekers find a suitable position for them. Our goal is for people who oppose the informatics industry to be aware of job postings in the sector. In this way, they will be able to reach the qualified IT personnel they are looking for in companies and organizations in a shorter time.




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